Resistant to scratches and abrasion

Artechstone Nano Glass has a special polishing made with glass crystals, sealant and liquid wax that guarantee a smooth, solid and crystallized surface. This treatment has created a protective film that besides providing brightness and beauty it avoids the direct friction with the stone, thus hindering an incidence of scratches or scratches.

Resistant to stain and reduction of liquid absorption

Not only is Artechstone Nano Glass stain resistance and a reduction of liquid absorption but is totally free of cracks, pores and other common points of natural stones. Its protective film creates a waterproofing layer on the stone that is unaltered prevents an absorption of cleaning liquid or even the appearance of stains of products like coffee, wine, enamel, and makeup, among other everyday products.
Resistance to acids and alkalis

Resistant to acids and alkalis

Artechstone is highly resistant to chemical attack and DOES NOT SUFFER to change in its appearance. DO NOT lose glare on contact with acid or alkaline products. This is allowed with a flush resistant to several common cleansers.
Impact, compression and flexural strength.

Resistant to Impact, compression and flexural strength

The state-of-the-art nanotechnology used in Artechstone Nano Glass elevated the grading of Stone as Hardness 7 on the Mohs Scale and made its components even more compact and united. In this way, an impact absorbing capacity, a load carrier and heavy traffic of people without damage, became superior to other stones for a much longer period of use.

Resistant to dirt and bacteria

Artechstone: has a crystalline surface totally impermeable, which guarantees zero absorption of liquids and, being highly hygienic, prevent the proliferation of fungi, molds and bacteria. The stone still prevents the accumulation of dust on its surface and cleaning can be done only with water, damp cloth and neutral pH detergent.
With the lowest maintenance cost, the Nano Glass is already polished and treated in the factory, but can be repulped over the years. This is a combination of factors that make Nano Glass a worldwide success.
What differs Artechstone from other Natural Stones and other Artificial Stones?
Natural: Its brightness, hardness, homogeneity and impermeability.
Artificial: its versatility, appearance and its resistance to direct heat, ultraviolet rays, high traffic of people and to ruptures.

Making Resistance to time and change of temperatures

Super Nano MAY be exposed to the sun, rain and large temperature changes without changing weather conditions.