Nano glass stones are a blend of white marble powder and glass crystals, burned at around 1800c in a furnace. This is a process similar to how lava develops in a volcano when it starts to cool down. During the setting process production techniques allow for different thicknesses of slab to be formed as well as different shapes. Due the nature of the products it is an environmentally friendly process and the resulting product does not emit any radioactivity which could cause potential harm to nature or people.

Artechstone creates surfaces in white which are intense bright, mirror like and this is because of the densely crystallized matrix resulting from a solid, 100% homogeneous production technique.

Artechstone is highly versatile, adds value and exclusivity to the most diverse types of projects. It can be applied to internal or external areas with the advantage of allowing a perfect execution of more detailed finishes.In addition to its aesthetic beauty, Artechstone Nano Glass also has high durability and high resistance, like many other everyday situations that involve impacts, scratches, stains, chemicals, dirt, mold, bacteria and the high flow of people.